Sam the Artist / Media

Past Media Write-Ups

Inlander - Spokane, WA

<strong>Sam White: October Faces - Friday, November 6th, 2015</strong></p> <p>Sam's 50 massive, 7-by-5-foot paintings are bright, colorful abstract paintings of Spokane people, all painted during the month of October, are are reminiscent of Picasso. Reception during First Friday events, Nov. 6, from 5-8 pm.

Marmot Spaces

In November 2015, Marmot hosted an exhibition by emerging artist Sam White. Massive 7 by 5 foot paintings. Fun, bright, colorful, abstract portraits of Spokane people. Look closely – you may find yourself in one of the portraits! Think Picasso. On steroids. We’ve got over 50 of these paintings – where did we put them all?</p> <p>We filled Kendall Yards will Sam’s paintings. Over 20 of them alone in the yet-to-be rented windows of the new Loft 2 building. In Spark Center. In Spa Paradiso. And, of course, at Marmot. Come by any day of the week to see those that are in the windows during December.</p> <p>Sam also challenged himself to paint portraits of people involved in PorchFest West Central. The process was the reverse: instead of painting what came straight out of his head, he painted based on black and white photos from the PorchFest website. These could be described as “semi abstract” and were quite challenging for him. We sold almost 100% of them, so they were well received. Sam also grew because of the experience. Double win!